BONFANTI Italian dryer

Réalisation- manutention de grains

Seelow, our smart level inventory !

Monitor your silo inventory anywhere and anytime !

Dairy producers

A system that manages your ventilation by itself!

Pig breeding

Programming ventilation stages is a thing of the past with Agrimesh AI !

The Jolco Group

We are your distributor of agricultural equipment since 1960 !

Here is the result of our Cyclone 360 ​​fans in a poultry barn !

Make sure to keep your poultry comfortable and cool in hot seasons !

Notre division Ventec vous présente sa Cyclone 360

Wind speeds of up to 300 feet / minute and covering 6,300 square feet on the ground !

Our equipment for procine breeding

Equipment for your pregnant sows in the wild and your maternity, at the cutting edge of technology!

Natural ventilation

To keep your animals cool, consider natural ventilation system !

Artificial intelligence at the service of the producer

We explain what our Agrimesh AI system consists of !

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