In Eastern Canada, the JOLCO Group has become the largest player in the distribution industry of products intended for the production of poultry, pork, and dairy.

Founded in 1938 by Joseph-Oscar Lévesque and his wife, Lucienne Bombardier, the Frelighsburg mill begins its activity with a water mill.

In 1943, in the middle of the Second World War, the mill changes its location to Bedford and gains a direct access to railway transportation. Joseph-Oscar establishes the family home across from the mill.

In 1950, Jean-Paul and Pierre, the second generation of the Lévesque family, join the company. François and Jacques, the two other sons, both law specialists, contribute to the expansion of the business. Poultry and egg incubation production, slaughter facilities and a modernization of the plant complete the transformation of the mill.

In 1956, the family enterprise “J.O. Lévesque Ltd” is born. Mr. Lévesque initiates and establishes the Quebec Miller’s Professional Association in 1961.

In 1970,while the mill continues to add a variety of products and services for the farmers of the region, “J.O. Lévesque Ltd”invests in a corn dryer and begins developing this crop.

Also, as a one-day-old chick distributor, the company builds and begins exploiting its own hatching facility in Bedford.

Willing to diversify, while maintaining specialization in its domains, “J.O. Lévesque Ltd”. establishes a breeding program for pure-bred reproductive piglets.

Over the years, the Equipment Division, a distribution company stemmed from the central core of the company, sees notable growth.

Founded in 1960, and called “L’Équipement Avicole”, the enterprise starts in Bedford. In 1970, the family’s third generation progressively joins the company, diversifying activity sectors and associating with top-rate suppliers.

In Partnership with Mr. Henry Lansink, First Choice Agriquip located in Listowel Ontario is formed in 1990.

In 1992 LBJ Farm Equipment, under the direction of Mr. Paul Jones was formed, the Amherst N.S. location is well located to distribute equipment for the four Atlantic provinces,Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

Saint-Félix-de-Valois, Quebec sales office opens in 1992.

In the year 2000, with the purchase of Equipment C. Paquet, the group establishes in Ange-Gardien and becomes JOLCO Equipments.

In 2004, JOLCO Equipments becomes sole owner of First Choice Agriquip in Listowel Ontario.

In 2006, Claude Lévesque, born of the third generation, buys and becomes owner of JOLCO Equipments. Joining him in partnership is Mr. Paul Jones, already contributor to the success story of LBJ Farm since 1992.

Customer satisfaction being priority number one, JOLCO group of company surrounds itself with and associates with innovative partners. Thanks to this and the synergy of the team of committed and dedicated employees ensures the high quality customer service that clients deserve.

It doesn’t stop here…! In 2008, First Choice Agriquip acquiresBosman Agri and First Choice Bosman is born.

In 2009, LBJ Farm buys the equipment division of A.C.A.Co­op, located in New Minas, Nova­ Scotia. With wind in theirsails, the company’s dynamic growth continues in 2010 with the acquisition of Equipment F.Brodeur and the beginning of a dairydivision for the Quebec market

In 2010, LBJ Farm becomes a Lely Center (robotic milking) forAtlantic Canada.

In 2010, JOLCO Group associates with Excel Technology,acquires Ventec Ventilation. This is an important step for the company as it melds experience and technology to the construction of natural and mechanical ventilation systems.Located in St­Hyacinthe, Ventec has manufactured and beendeveloping products improving indoor air quality for nearly 20 years.

From Ontario to Newfoundland the JOLCO Group of companies either it be First Choice Bosman,Jolco Equipments or LBJ Farmhas positioned themselves to be the leader for distribution ofsupplies and equipment for the poultry,pork and dairy productionmarkets.

In June, 2014, the JOLCO Group purchases Equipments Dussault based in Pike-River. A company working mainly in systems and solutions for grain storage, handling, conditioning and structures. The company will thus become, Les Equipments Dussault 2014, Division of Jolco Équipements.

JOLCO Equipments is celebrating is 60 years and thanks you for your trust!

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