Recently, we collaborated with Patrick, from Patrick Bernier Farm.
Broiler breeder, he owns 3 buildings of 2 floors, in Saint-Valérien-de-Milton!

  • He decided to go into agriculture 4.0 mode and had his existing control panel changed to install our Agrimesh artificial intelligence system in one of his three buildings, built 20 years ago!
We have been doing business with him for several years and have supplied him with all the necessary equipment for his buildings:
  • C2 Plus model caretakers
  • Ziggity water line
  • 3 CTB silos of 9 ' and 6 sections, of 23 tons
  • Dosatron medicamenter
  • CTB Breeder
Cross ventilation system:
  • 12'', 16'' x 96'' duckbill style air intake.
  • 18'', 24'' and 36'' exhaust fans
We have been working with the Bernier family for several decades now!
We would like to thank them for their confidence during all these years and wish them an excellent production!

Thanks also to their representative Patrick Labonté for his collaboration!
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