A few weeks ago, the installation of our equipment at the farm R. Brouillard & Fils was completed!

The building is a new two-storey building, divided into four sections, for keeping turkeys.

The two sections on the left are nurseries while the ones on the right are for fattening.

Ventilation was provided by our Ventec division!

They installed our Air-o-Max 18 ", 24" and 36 ", as well as continuous," duckbill "style air inlets.

Gentle, but maximum cross ventilation to recirculate the air in the building and cool the birds in summer.

The building is fully managed by our artificial intelligence system, Agrimesh.

From the water lines, to the healers, through the ventilation and the percentage of humidity, everything is there!

Regarding poultry equipment, the family chose:

  • 2 Silos 7 ‘2 sections of 6.2 tons for the nursery section
  • 2 silos 7 ’4 sections of 9.9 tons for fattening
  • 40,000 BTU radiant brooders
  • The nursery nurses are Konavi dishes
  • The healers on the fattening side are G-Plus dishes
  • As for the water lines, they are Ziggity, D-Max model

Thank you to the Brouillard family for their confidence in choosing the equipment for their new building!

We would also like to thank their representative Patrick Labonté for his advice!

We wish you much success!

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