We recently visited the Elliot family on their poultry farm in Howick.
This was a project we did in conjunction with our expert ventilation division, Ventec!

In 2019, we did the installation of a Potters nest system, Avinest!

The installations are divided into three rows:
  • One row of 86 center nests
  • Two rows of 87 half nests on each side

These nests are suitable for all types of egg production and are fully automated!
  • The family also chose our LB white furnaces to heat their building.
  • The feed is stored outside, in two CTB conical silos, 7' 5 sections, of 11.7 tons.
To ensure the comfort of the birds, we installed a tunnel type ventilation system.

To do so, we supplied :
  • Max-Air 50'' and 72''; our exhaust fans
  • Isopan panel; for natural ventilation
  • Double ceiling air inlet; to evacuate and circulate air
  • Linear roof ventilator

We would like to thank our clients for their confidence in this beautiful project!
Thanks also to our representative David Blanchette for his collaboration!
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