Some time ago, we had special event at the Clovis Gauthier & Fils family farm, located in St-Théodore d´Acton !
This is a big project designed to house colonies of laying hens, intended for the production of table eggs!

The size of the building, on the layer side only is 268' x 31.5' x 13' 
  • The design is made on 3 rows and 3 floors, with central separation, for colony of 30 hens on each side.
  • This section has a total capacity of 12,420 layers, but is designed for a 4th floor, for a new capacity of 16,320 layers.
To give you a little more details on the dimensions, here are some numbers:
  • Size of colonies with central separation: front 118.5'' x 29.6'' deep x 17.4'' high
  • Height of 3-story cages: 95 7/8''
  • Floor / bird space: 755 cm2 (750 cm2 animal welfare requirement)
  • Perch space 15 cm (depending on requirements)
  • Feeder / bird space: 3.35'' thanks to the nests placed at the front
The system also includes:
  • 60' / min chain healer with 1 mm slab
  • Treatment of Galfan floors for a longer life (Floor with 7 degrees of inclination)
We also installed a Clima Unit + type 1000 system to dry the manure and recover the heat in the building !

We thank the family for their confidence in this project and for giving their time during the open house !
We wish you a good production !
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