We went to deliver a red cow to Ferme Richard Blanchette et fils, located at La Presentation!
The farm is recognized as a herd of large farms in Quebec and it has a herd of Holstein genetics.

Our collaboration with the Blanchette family started in 2013 and spanned several years, eventually having a building that could operate 8 robots !
Several family members are involved in the management, at different levels!

The farm is divided into 6 rows with cubicles on ripe litter, with the concept of an "L" shaped robot and two rear central robots.
They also own a Lely Juno 150

Ventec installed a cross-tunnel ventilation system for them and supplied the following products:
  • Air intake from ceiling and walls to control air volume
  • Combined with our exhaust vents, Max-Air 50 ‘" and 72 "
  • They are also able to switch to natural ventilation, thanks to our Isopan panels, and our Polymat!
In addition, thanks to our Polymat installed over the entire length, natural light can enter the building 12 months a year!

Blanchette family, thank you for your trust over the past 8 years, we wish you good continuity!

Thanks to their representatives Jonathan St-Pierre and David Blanchette for their collaboration!
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