Conical feed bins

Feed bins, Feed Bins


Choose from a wide variety of sizes and optional features!

Features and Benefits

40 Degree Roof:

  • The 40-degree roof allows users to fill the hopper (silo) to the top.
  • The extra height makes it easier for truck drivers to see the fill hole and helps them position the fill screw correctly.

Weather protection:

  • Rain that runs down the side wall of the hopper is forced to drip onto the HYDROSHIELD® and fall to the ground, eliminating water problems in the boot area.

Hopper Access Door:

  • The ACCESS PLUS® allows one person to open the door, clean the entire interior of the hopper, close it and seal it without ever having to leave the ground.
  • The door panel also features a rubber seal to close the hopper opening after each use.

Material Flow Control:

  • The SHAKER-PLATE® helps the hopper feed consistently and smoothly.
  • It slides feed along the sidewall and hopper in a mass flow, constantly cleaning and polishing the hopper interior.
  • This mass flow action eliminates the possibility of the feed getting hung up and becoming stale or moldy.


  • The SPRING-LOCK® lid offers the advantage of a lid with a positive, spring-assisted closing action that resists wind and helps keep snow and rain out.
  • It's easy to open with one hand and slides along the roof, out of the way of the feed truck auger.
  • The remote access option provides additional biosecurity.

Transparent bin transitions:

  •  Hopper transitions are available in translucent red or clear models.

*** We have several size options for your silos!

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