Heating, Radiant tube


The SRP EvenGrow Model AUX infrared tube heater offers premium high efficiency features for the agricultural industry with special anti-corrosion construction for harsh environments.

Features :

  • Waterproof housing for best reliability
  • Potted ignition modules
  • Nickel plated “Jet Stream” burner cup
  • 100% efficient reflector mounted horizontally for minimal convective heat loss and ensuring maximum energy is delivered to the floor
  • Optional tilted reflector or energy efficient side reflectors for wall mounting
  • Sealed maintenance-free blower motor
  • Low clearances above for installation close to ceilings
  • Use with optional “Flapper” to prevent cold air infiltration when the heater is not running

Poultry Housing environments are often dirty and can be corrosive with low ceiling requirements.

The infrared will heat the floor first where the bird is which results in a warm, cozy environment that has a positive effect on stress levels and growth rates.

  • Model : AUX
  • BTU/H Range : 60,000 - 175,000
  • Radiant tube length (ft.) : 20, 30, 40, 50, 60
  • *Range of hanging heights (ft.) : 8-16

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