Drinking cup

Pig equipment, Gestation, Feeding


Drinking Cups for pigs are the most effective water cup on the market !

They feature an advanced, pig-friendly shape that is designed around the way pigs naturally drink water.

  • The nipple position maximizes control with up to 70% water savings.
  • This is done by minimizing water overflow and reducing medication waste.
  • Durable stainless steel cup construction for long life.
  • Easy clean-up of drinking cups offers labor and management savings.
  • Pipes are available in 10'' and 48'' lengths.
  • The 48-inch long pipes are bent slightly to prevent contact with and wear from the fence.

The cup’s design maintains a small pocket of fresh water to attract even the youngest pigs to the cup so they drink more.
Water systems are totally enclosed to keep water fresh and protect it from contamination.

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