Chain disc feeding systems

Pig equipment, Gestation, Feeding


The Dry Feeding Systems are used for distribution of rations in the farms in a controlled and accurate manner.

Every system is made up from one or more raw material storage silos, fitted with one or more chain conveyors, which perform distribution.
It can be managed completely automatically, in a way to limit operator interventions.

The modularity of the distribution system makes installation very easy.

The technology used for dosing,greatly limits the residues inside the piping.

The rounded corners allow our equipment a maximum configuration, ensuring that the space in your building is used to its full potential !

Features and benefits :

  • There are many reasons to choose our products
  • Complete process automation
  • Easy installation
  • Cleanliness and hygiene of the entire dosing circuit
  • Construction in materials that last over time
  • Limited maintenance
  • Easy to program and user-friendly

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