Aviaries for laying hens

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The Potters Poultry tiered aviary system is different.


  • It is designed by farmers with over 21 years of experience in aviaries for farmers.
  • Is goal : easy bird management as a priority.

It is the most open system available, making it easier to see and manage the hens.

A fully integrated system with features:

  • Simple stand with very little structure attached to the floor - meaning easy cleaning and open access to birds throughout the barn.
  • Infinitely changeable to suit any building.
  • Lighting available at all levels to minimize ground eggs.
  • Minimum distances between levels to reduce the flying requirements of the hens, thus reducing injuries.
  • All eggs at one level and one collection point.
  • Choice of belt numbers according to the layout design and building dimensions.

Ideal for new, renovation or conversion projects.
All necessary perches provided in the system.

Supplied as part of a complete package to provide a turnkey project.

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