Avir Air 35

Avir Air 35

Hybrid Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Categorie: Barn equipment
Industrie: Dairy, Pork, Poultry
The AVI35 sets new standards to the world of poultry and swine ventilation. As expected by most common heat exchangers, this unit will significantly reduce your heating costs, lower your barn's relative humidity and improve the air quality for your animals.

However, the AVI35 is the first heat exchanger operating in two distinctive modes.

Recovery Mode : the unit can recover heat energy by exchanging moist stale air with fresh air during the cool season
Evacuation Mode : the unit can function as a full exhaust ventilation system, where both ventilators evacuate stale air in the warm season.

The AVI35 hybrid heat exchanger is a high quality durable ventilation equipment that can provide all year round returns on your investment.
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