Composting manure is a great way to create quality bedding for your animals. At the same time, it reduces the overall amount of manure to manage as well as the cost of purchasing traditional livestock bedding such as straw, wood shavings or rip.

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Recycling used bedding with a BROME industrial composting system is a great alternative to purchasing of standard bedding such as wood chips. Composted bedding presents many benefits: enhanced comfort for your animals, less manure to dispose of and lower bedding costs, which can amount to several thousands of dollars every year.

Manure composting can also be a source of income, helping to reduce operating and export costs and increasing your manure’s fertilizing potential.

Composting manure on-site with a BROME composting system yields several benefits for your daily farming operations.

Manages your manure:

  • Better manure management;
  • Saves on transportation costs by reducing its volume.
  • Generates bedding
  • An automated composting system operating continuously produces bedding to enhance the comfort of your livestock.
  • Considerable cost reduction in bedding purchases;
  • Higher value for the use, export or marketing of your compost.

Easy operation:

  • Cleanliness;
  • Minimal operating costs;
  • Few workers needed;
  • Simple installation;
  • Better control over the composting process;
  • Better control over odor management;
  • Better control in all weather conditions : temperature, precipitation, evaporation

Composting you manure to create your own livestock bedding can reduce:

  • Costs associated with equipment maintenance;
  • The volume of manure that needs to be spread or exported;
  • Pathogen-reduction;
  • The purchase of wood chips and herbicides.
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