The Selfifeeder concept is fully in line with European standards for sow welfare.

Pig equipment, Gestation, Feeding


The solution for feeding pregnant sows in the wild in a self-service area, access and consumption of which are controlled.

The Selfifeeder reduces waiting time and therefore stress at the trough, and allows simplified management, band by band, by static driving.

For a lower overall price and a simplified mechanical system, the Selfifeeder concept has 3 to 4 times more power supply than a DAC system.

The sow authorized to access the feed enters one of the feeders and is immediately isolated from its fellows by an automatic rear door.
An RFID antenna recognizes the animal's microchip and authorizes distribution based on its feeding curve.

  • A distribution that adapts to the rhythm of each sow without waste.
  • The possibility of distributing two different foods in dry or in soup.
  • The choice in driving: static or dynamic.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Simple installation with little mechanics.
  • A pneumatic wheel feeder with an accuracy of 5 g.
  • The possibility of automated and individualized supplementation.
  • Optimized surface management (-20%) compared to side walls.

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