Ventilateur de recirculation en fibre de verre

Industrie: Dairy, Poultry, Other
One of our most versatile products is the Cyclone Plus variable speed fiberglass recirculation fan. Tranditional ceiling fans slowly push the hot air from the ceiling down to the floor. The Cyclone Plus can do this on low speed and then as the speed increases;  it creates air velocity for maximum air throw and cooling.

In dairy barns, Cyclone Plus creates very high air velocity for animal cooling, insect control, drying of bedding and employee comfort. One Cyclone Plus can replace up to eight 36'' basket fans and while using only half power required for those.

  • The Cyclone Plus performs 44 562 CFM with 24.2 CFM par Watt et 24.1 lbf per kW at nominal speed of 304 RPM with three phase 230/460V -60Hz motor.*
  • The Cylone Plus is quieter.
  • Less loss of air at the sides of the fan.
  • Includes an automatic belt tensioner.
  • 14% more efficient on air movement.
  • The outlet air is more in line with the fan.
  • 6 directional flow deflectors
  • Can be mounted on steel post, building column or suspended from the ceiling (all optionnal mounts).
  • Optionnal variable frequency drive
  • Still 3.4 MPH at 100 ft (1.5m/sec)
*The AMCA Certified Ratings Seals applies to airflow rate at free delivery only.
**Speed (RPM) shown is nominal. Performance is based on actual speed of test.
**Only performance for three phase motor 230/460V - 60 Hz at 304 RPM is AMCA certified.

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