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The cow is key

We have explicitly refrained from automating the actions of milking itself; instead we have built a system around the cow (our starting point) to make sure that cows like to be milked within a low-threshold system. Our truly unique robot arm concept as well as the I-flow concept for quick entrance in/quick exit from the box, are some clear examples of this strategy.

Highest milk quality assured

The unique Lely features ensure the most reliable detection of mastitis available in today's market place. The unique in-line every day indication of fat and protein levels per cow can be used in the Lely Astronaut robot’s dynamic milking and feeding module for optimized profitability of the dairy farm.

All you need to gain full control

We offer you a unique set of instruments to manage both milk quality as well as the individual cow in the herd. Management by exception is the new challenge. To facilitate that, we have developed management software dedicated to robotic farming, allowing you to spend your valuable time on the cows that really require attention, while gaining full control over your herd.

Expanding horizons together

Being the inventors of the milking robot, we have now installed more than 10,000 automated milking systems worldwide. In addition, we are always looking for improvement. Not only improvement in terms of robotic milking, but also possibilities to automate other processes on dairy farms. We keep seeking ways to improve your labour efficiency significantly.

We proudly present… the Lely Astronaut A4

Better milk quality, higher milk production together with lower costs lead to higher profits. The Lely Astronaut A4 makes it possible to manage these three aspects to achieve the optimum results.

As few obstacles as possible

Robotic milking is different from conventional milking in many ways. One of the main differences is that cows can be milked more in line with their natural behaviour. To maximise the benefit of this we look for opportunities to create an environment where the cow can be milked under optimal conditions with as few obstacles as possible.

Straight ahead is more natural

The main revolutionary feature of the Lely Astronaut A4 cow box is the walkthrough design called the I-flow concept. As practice and research shows cows are not really capable of making turns. Allowing the cow to walk straight in and out of the box eliminates any unnecessary obstacles. The cow friendly design allows for continuous interaction with the rest of the herd thus eliminating unnecessary stress. With its unique innovations we have further increased the capacity of the Astronaut, ensuring it to be an unbeatable concept and allowing you to maximize your results.

Swinging feeding trough

By moving the trough after the milking the cow is ‘encouraged’ to leave the box since there is nothing in front of her and she can’t get more feed. A faster exit allows for a quicker entrance for the next cow. Although this advantage may look minimal, gaining five seconds per milking can easily result in 15 minutes per day or one extra cow!

Faster milking with fewer movements

To ensure optimal milking, ideally different settings per quarter are required. The Lely 4Effect pulsation system can adjust pulsation settings at quarter level. It ensures a truly individual treatment of the cow and, hence, “tailor-made milking”. The robust Lely robot arm is tried and true ever since its first installation in 1992. The robotic arm eliminates unnecessary movements, is much gentler for the cow, makes it impossible for milk cups to drop onto the ground and provides for the fastest attachment.

The tools to make the best management decisions

With our nearly 20 years of experience, we were able to develop a dedicated robotic farm management system; the new Lely T4C management program. T4C is collecting and recording all the data provided by the Astronaut robots through its many sophisticated sensors. It helps you with making important management decisions with refined software that analyses and presents only clear and useful information. The objective is clear: allow farmers to make the best decision easier and quicker.

The Lely Astronaut arm

A well proven concept; the unique arm remains underneath the cow and controls the entire milking process.
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